MANUFACTURER OF BILLET ALUMINUM PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR USE WITH: Go-Ped® Brand Scooters - Soap Box Derby® Cars* - Quarter Midget Car - Junior Dragsters - Pocket Bike Parts - Bobsled - Racing Karts
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About Zero Error Racing, Inc.
Derek Fitzgerald, President of Zero Error Racing, Inc.Derek Fitzgerald, President

My name is Derek Fitzgerald, and I am the President of Zero Error Racing, Inc. I was born in Augusta, Georgia and moved up north in 1998. My whole life I have been into racing, as a child I raced Soap Box Derby cars and was 7th at the All American Soap Box Derby in 1977. I then raced midgets for a while until I moved north and then raced my two oldest girls in the Soap Box Derby. Together they won 7 National championships. We also raced Bobsled and Ruthie was USA 5 her first year. I am currently racing my youngest daughter, who is 8, in Karts. So it was fitting that I started a business that involved all the knowledge I had gained from life experiences. Innovation, customer service and the highest quality of CNC billet aluminum components are our top priorities. I am proud to say all my bad ass products are made in the USA!

Here at Zero Error Racing, Inc., we are committed to outstanding customer service, quality CNC parts, innovation, and the need for speed.

This company was started in 1994 as Mico Racing where I was the general manager. My responsibilities included, among other things, running the CNC machine shop and managing the Mico Racing team. During this time, the team won four Grand National titles in Quarter Midget racing with Travis and Wade Miniea driving. After that, they won numerous other races including the Kenyon Midgets which was a five race deal where they won three of them. Then we purchased Sarah Fishers midget car program when she signed with Walker Racing. The first year Travis won ARCA Rookie Of The Year! Along with those achievements, we also won the 500 Lap Night Before Indy at the Speedrome, collecting a $10,000.00 purse. The following year, Travis won the Namarís Midget Championship.

Derek Fitzgerald with USA 2 Man Bobsled Team.Derek Fitzgerald with Ultimate Speed Challenge driver Jamie Berndt.In 2002, I purchased Mico Racing and changed the name to Zero Error Racing, Inc. In addition to its product line of billet aluminum products, Zero Error has redesigned some of the existing parts to give them our own signature flame design which adds to the excellent quality of the parts. Zero Error Racing is the leading CNC manufacturer in the racing industry supplying for big companies like Robbie Stanley Racing, Bull Rider Race Cars, Half Scale Dragsters, Advanced Racing Suspensions, Viperizer Racing, Daveís Discount Motors and many other dealers. In 2002, we joined forces with American Bobsled and took on a two and four man bobsled project. In 2006, we set a world record in the Ultimate Speed division with Jenny Rodway with a time of 26.934. In 2009 we broke our own record with Jamie Berndt with a time of 26.924. The Ulitimate Speed division is the premier division of the All American Soap Box Derby. This year we also have been working on a new 4-man bobsled project and a runner project for Canada. There are not that many opportunities in the USA so I have branched out to other countries. Recently we signed a deal with the Jamaican Bobsled team to drive our 2-man sled for the 2010 season. Look for us at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Our product line now consists of the following:
  • Go-Ped® Products
  • Soapbox Derby Products
  • Quarter Midget Products
  • Olympic Bobsled Products
  • Midget Products
  • Jr. Dragster Products
  • Karting Products

Ruthie Shuff, Vice President of Zero Error Racing, Inc.Ruthie Shuff, Bobsled Pilot.Ruthie Shuff, Vice President/Bobsled Pilot

Ruthie began her racing at the age of seven in Soap Box Derby. During her 10 year Soap Box Derby career, she won over one hundred races, and still holds the record of 4 National Championships in a row.

In March of 1999, after aging out of Soapbox Derby, she ventured into the sport of Bobsled and was a competitor for the USA in the World Cup Trials and 3 Americaís Cup races. The Zero Error Race Team is very excited about the upcoming seasons of racing, and anxious to test the new ZE Bobsled.

Aside from driving the ZE Bobsled, Ruthie is the financial officer and runs the front office of Zero Error Racing, Inc. She also attends Kent State University and is majoring in Computer Information Systems.

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