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Zero Error Racing, Inc.- West System Epoxy Products.

105 Epoxy Resin - 206 Epoxy Hardener - Mini Pump Set - 403 Microfibers - 404 High Density Filler
406 Colloidal Silica - 407 Low Density Filler - 410 Microlight Filler - 423 Graphite Powder - White Pigment

Zero Error Racing, Inc.- West System Epoxy Products.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a high-quality, two-part epoxy formulated and manufactured by Gougeon Brothers, Inc. It bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics, and other composite materials and is easily modified for a wide range of coating and adhesive applications. It is used for construction and repairs requiring superior moisture resistance and high-strength, and is especially suited for marine applications.

All epoxies are not created equal. Epoxy brands can vary widely in their formulations, quality of raw materials and their suitability for marine environments. It's easy to market an off-the-shelf industrial epoxy product as a marine epoxy, or formulate an epoxy with one or two favorable characteristics, while sacrificing other important characteristics.

It's much more difficult balancing all of the physical and mechanical properties necessary for a versatile, high-quality marine epoxy. Defining an epoxy's performance criteria, and designing a formula to meet those criteria requires good chemistry, rigorous test programs, skillful shop work and direct experience with today's high-performance boats and other composite structures.

WEST SYSTEM products provide a complete system of epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.

105 Epoxy Resin
West System 105 Epoxy Resin

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105 Resin is the base material of the WEST SYSTEM family of products, on which all of the WEST SYSTEM compounds are built. The resin is a clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM hardeners, it can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance. It is designed specifically to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass, reinforcing fabrics and a variety of metals. An excellent adhesive, 105 will bridge gaps and fill voids when modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and can be sanded and shaped when cured. With roller applications, it has excellent thin-film characteristics to flow out and self-level without "fisheyeing." The resin cures clear so that you can achieve a natural finish when coating with varnish. It has a relatively high flash point and no strong solvent odor, making it safer to work with than polyesters. Resin viscosity is approximately 1000 cP (centipoise) at 72F (22C).

Quart- $44.22 Each
Gallon- $99.73 Each
5 Gallons- $356.33 Each

105 Epoxy Resin- Quart

105 Epoxy Resin- Gallon

105 Epoxy Resin- 5 Gallons

206 Epoxy Hardener
West System 206 Epoxy Hardener

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206 Slow Hardener is a low-viscosity epoxy curing agent for use when extended working and cure time is needed or to provide adequate working time at higher temperatures. When combined with 105 Resin in a five-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties. Not intended for clear coating.

Pint- $21.96 Each
Quart- $47.44 Each
Gallon- $157.77 Each

206 Epoxy Hardener- Pint

206 Epoxy Hardener- Quart

206 Epoxy Hardener- Gallon

Mini Pump Set
West System Mini Pump Set

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300 Mini Pumps are designed for convenient and accurate metering of all Group Size A, B and C WEST SYSTEM resin and hardeners. They mount directly on the resin and hardener containers and eliminate the mess involved with measuring by weight or volume. 300 Mini Pumps are calibrated to deliver the proper working ratio with one full pump stroke of resin for each one full pump stroke of hardener.

The 300 Mini Pumps Set contains one resin pump and two hardener pumps. 105/205-206 pumps deliver approximately 0.8 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump. 105/207-209 pumps deliver approximately 0.9 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump.

As packaged, the pumps are ready to install on the Group Size B containers. A package of extension tubes for Group Size A containers is included with the set. Group Size C extension tubes are included in the 105-C Resin and in the 207-SC or 209-SC packages.

If necessary, you can combine different group sized-as long as all of the pumps have a yellow head. To avoid confusion and possible off-ratio metering, 300 Mini Pumps have yellow heads, which should not be used with any older pumps with a white head (301 and 303 pumps).

Made of durable polypropylene, the pumps give years of dependable service. Read and follow the priming, ratio verification and operating instructions that come with the pumps.

$16.16 Per Set

403 Microfibers
West System 403 Microfibers

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403 Microfibers, a fine fiber blend, is used as a thickening additive with resin/hardener to create a multi-purpose adhesive, especially for bonding wood. Epoxy thickened with microfibers has good gap-filling qualities while retaining excellent wetting/penetrating capability. Color: off-white.

6 oz.- $12.12 Each
20 oz.- $27.73 Each

403 Microfibers- 6 oz.

403 Microfibers- 20 oz.

404 High Density Filler
West System 404 High Density Filler

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404 High-Density filler is a thickening additive developed for maximum physical properties in hardware bonding where high-cyclic loads are anticipated. It can also be used for filleting and gap filling where maximum strength is necessary. Color: off-white.

15.2 oz.- $15.94 Each
43 oz.- $35.68 Each

404 High Density Filler- 15.2 oz.

404 High Density Filler- 20 oz.

406 Colloidal Silica
West System 406 Colloidal Silica

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406 Colloidal Silica is a thickening additive used to control the viscosity of the epoxy and prevent epoxy runoff in vertical and overhead joints. 406 is a very strong filler that creates a smooth mixture, ideal for general bonding and filleting. It is also our most versatile filler. Often used in combination with other fillers, it can be used to improve the strength, abrasion resistance, and consistency of fairing compounds, resulting in a tougher, smoother surface. Color: off-white.

1.7 oz.- $12.22 Each
5.5 oz.- $28.83 Each

406 Colloidal Silica 1.7 oz.

406 Colloidal Silica 5.5 oz.

407 Low Density Filler
West System 407 Low Density Filler

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407 Low-Density filler is a blended microballoon-based filler used to make fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve. Reasonably strong on a strength-to-weight basis. Cures to a dark red/brown color.

4 oz.- $18.60 Each
12 oz.- $43.21 Each

407 Low Density Filler- 4 oz.

407 Low Density Filler- 12 oz.

410 Microlight® Filler
West System 410 Microlight Filler

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410 Microlight® is the ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easily-worked fairing compound especially suited for fairing large areas. Microlight® mixes with greater ease than 407 Low-Density filler or microballoons and is approximately 30% easier to sand. It feathers to a fine edge and is also more economical for large fairing jobs. Not recommended under dark paint or other surfaces subject to high temperatures. Cures to a tan color.

2 oz.- $17.65 Each
5 oz.- $35.12 Each

410 Microlight® Filler- 2 oz.

410 Microlight® Filler- 5 oz.

423 Graphite Powder
West System 423 Graphite Powder

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423 Graphite Powder is a fine black powder that can be mixed with WEST SYSTEM epoxy to produce a low-friction exterior coating with increased scuff resistance and durability. Epoxy/graphite is commonly used as a bearing surface, and as a coating on rudders and centerboards, or on the bottoms of racing craft that are dry sailed. It does not provide antifouling qualities. The epoxy/graphite mixture can also be used in teak deck construction to simulate the look of traditional seams and to protect the epoxy from sunlight. Cures to a black color. Add to mixed resin/hardener at the rate of up to 10% by volume (approximately 5.7 oz. per B group).

12 oz.- $19.41 Each

423 Graphite Powder- 12 oz.

White Pigment
West System White Pigment

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WEST SYSTEM pigments are epoxy-based liquid colorants used to tint the epoxy mixture to provide an even color base for the final finish system. The colored surfaces also tend to highlight flaws and imperfections. Cured, pigmented epoxy surfaces are not a final finish surface, but require an additional opaque or UV filter coating for ultraviolet protection. Add to the mixed resin/hardener at a rate of approximately one teaspoon of pigment to 8 fl oz of epoxy. More pigment will increase opaqueness and mixture viscosity. One 4 fl oz bottle will tint approximately 2/3 gal of epoxy.

¼ Pint- $18.31 Each

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